About Us

Computerlab is a non-profit initiative started in 2012 to equip disadvantaged schools across South Africa with computers donated by companies. Thousands of schools still do not have computer facilities for their learners.

Many companies want to donate their end-of-life computers to a worthy cause. We help with all the logistical and technical challenges in order to create sustainable computer learning environments.

Computerlab is run through the generous contribution of time and resources of individuals and companies passionate about assisting learners to gain access to technology.

Helping Businesses

We help businesses to safely donate their IT assets. We provide licensed and compliant IT Asset Disposal processes. We take care of all the logistics. All hardware is brought back to our facility to be processed and prepared for donation. All data is wiped and a Disposal Certificate is issued.

Helping Schools

We assist schools within disadvantaged communities. Our steering committee engages with the Principal and SGB to determine their needs. We welcome applications from any schools countrywide. Our Computerlabs are dependent on donations from businesses.

The Process

All donated computers are wiped of sensitive data, tested, refurbished, upgraded (where necessary), reloaded with the correct software licenses and sanitized. They are fully set up in our config centers and ready for use in the school environment when they are delivered.


We are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and are able to collect and deliver PC's anywhere in South Africa.

COVID-19 Challenge

COVID-19 has presented an immediate challenge. Millions of learners do not have access to a PC to learn from home.

Computerlab has aligned with the HP Refresh Program to encourage businesses across South Africa to donate PC's to schools for their learners to learn from home.

HP Refresh Program

Give your old laptop a new life to help students in need

Looking for ways to give back to your community during the Covid-19 crisis? The HP Refresh Program allows you to donate your unwanted PCs (of any brand and model) to students in need. We ensure that all data is wiped, and an operating system installed